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Monday, July 26, 2010

Prayer Request

I am asking that anyone who reads this today will take the time to pray for Melissa and Amelia. Melissa is a friend that I met online and her daugter Amelia has also been diagnosed with anencephlay. Her husband Tim and son Noah also need your prayers. They are schcedeuled for a c-section tomorrow. Please pray that God will surround them with his peace and comfort them. I am also praying that they get to spend lots of time with sweet Amelia. They are an amazing family-and Amelia is an amazing little baby.


  1. Consider it done :) I will be sending lots of prayers their way. I also hope they do get to spend some time with sweet little angel Amelia.

  2. I am copying this to my blog! prayers being said!

  3. Absolutely. Going there now to send some love.

  4. I am copying this as well and posting it to my blog. Definitely keeping them in my prayers. Been thinking about them a lot!!!


  5. I have been following their blog and they have been in my prayers daily, especially today. You and your husband have also been in my prayers and I often check your blog. BTW: I am Kala Hobbs's sister, Angel.