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Thursday, July 15, 2010

I am Ella's dad

I am Ella's dad.It has been over nine long weeks since my beautiful baby girl came into this world. From time to time, I get on this blog and read the beautiful things Penny has written about our daughter. I enjoy reading everything she has to say about Ella. We talk about her every single day but sometimes it is hard to even express how we are feeling to each other. I wish everyday that I could do something to make things better for Penny. I know I can not bring Ella back but it is just not fair for her not to be here with us. However, I know that this is God's plan. I know that God blessed us with Ella. I know that it was only for twenty hours but those were the most amazing hours of our lives. I know I am not nearly the blogger that Penny is but I just want to say, Ella, I love you and I miss you so so much. You will always be my little angel. You brought me so much joy and happiness in the short time you were here. I see things so much differently now since you were born and I met you. You have made me a better person. I would do anything to hold your beautiful hands again and kiss you. I remember you crying out when you were born. That was the most beautiful sound I have ever heard and I will remember it forever. I will love you forever. I can not wait to see you in Heaven. I love you Ella!


  1. Thank you for sharing from a Dad's perspective! It's amazing how such a short time can change us forever.

  2. So sweet! Ella is so loved! Isn't it amazing how much these sweet little angels change lives forever! They give us a completely new perspective of life. Thank you for sharing. Penny is an amazing lady! Glad to know she has someone wonderful to walk this path with!

  3. I want you to both know that your blog inspires me with the stength and the courage you both have. With my loss, the only thing that keeps me going is that our Hadley is in Heaven and is serenaded with angel lullabies and she is forever comforted. God will bless you both as He will bless us. We just have to have faith. Hebrew 11:1, 6.

  4. Beautiful words...I'm so glad when dads are able to express how precious their little ones are.

  5. Beautiful post! I can feel the love you have for Ella through your words. Thank you for sharing your perspective. I am glad that you got to spend some time with your beautiful Ella. I continue to keep you all in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you both for sharing your daughter with all of us.

    many hugs