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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

For Eternity

Yesterday was three months since Ella's birthday. This is for my sweet Ella. I miss you so much.

I carried you in my tummy for 10 months,
But I will carry you in my heart for eternity.

Your heart beat here on earth for 40 weeks and four days,
But you have mine for eternity.

I held your perfect little body in my arms for 20 hours,
but I will hold onto those memories for eternity.

You squeezed my finger with your perfect little hand for a moment,
but I will cherish that for eternity.

I studied the most beautiful face for a day,
and I will see it when I close my eyes for eternity.

Your life here on earth was way too short,
but it changed mine for eternity.

I felt the most amazing feeling when I was holding you.
I will long to feel that again for eternity.

When I lost you, I lost a piece of myself,
It feels like it will be gone for eternity.

I miss you so much.
But one day I will be with you again,
For Eternity.


  1. So beautifully said! In a moment...Oh how precious heaven is!

  2. Those are such lovely, lovely words and such a Promise to cling to!!!

  3. Well said and beautifully written! Hugs!

  4. Ah, from a mother's lips straight to heaven.
    Love to you...