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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Four year Anniversary

I am posting this a few days early, because I won't be here to post it on our anniversary. September the 16th will be our four year anniversary. I can't believe it has been four years since I married my best friend! I am so blessed to have such an awesome man to spend my life with.
Four years ago, we had no idea of the road ahead of us when we made our vows to each other. I really know what those vows we made to each other mean now, and how important they are. We experienced the best and the worst this past year. The best-having Ella, holding her in our arms, and becoming a family. The worst was of course losing her. I have to say that Jon was there for me 100% through all of it. I got to see a new side of him this year that made me fall more in love with him than ever. I got to see him as a wonderful loving Dad and the most supportive husband I could dream of.
We are going on a cruise for our anniversary. We are leaving from Miami and cruising to Key West and Cozumel (if Igor doesn't turn into a hurricane and change that). We have gone on two cruises before and enjoyed them both so much. The last one was seven years ago-so it has been awhile. I am excited to spend the week on the ocean with my husband! I am blessed to have a partner that I enjoy being with so much. I know that we will have a good time together. That being said, there is still that part of me that feels like screaming "this isn't how it should be!" This isn't what Jon and I should be doing four months after the birth of our daughter. It isn't what we planned. I guess that this feeling will always be there, and I accept that. I actually don't want that to go away. I know that Jon feels the same way.
But, I am going to enjoy my time with my husband...I know that is what Ella would want.

I love you Jon! I am so lucky to be your wife.
I love you Ella! You brought mommy and daddy closer than ever...we miss you so much!


  1. Happy Anniversary and enjoy the cruise!!

  2. I hope you two have a great time Penny! I love your wedding photos. Such a beautiful couple!

    Know what you mean about "this isn't what we planned." I felt that way today as my sisters took photos of my neice & nephew together that were born 1 month and 2 months after Karinne. She was supposed there too - there were supposed to be 3 cousins! So Hard!

  3. Happy Anniversary!!! Have a great time on your cruise! You deserve to kick back, relax, and enjoy each other's company! You guys sure make a beautiful couple! I love the pictures also! I will be thinking about you and praying for you to have a safe and fun filled trip! STAY AWAY IGOR!!!!

  4. Your wedding pictures are just adorable. ADORABLE!

    I completely and totally get what you mean about the cruise and it not feeling 'right' because of what should be's so strange.

    In any event, I pray that you and Jon have a wonderful, wonderful time. We could have stayed on our cruise for another week!!! STAY AWAY HURRICANES!

  5. I love your wedding pictures, you all look wonderful! Congratulations on 4 years and I hope you enjoy your cruise.